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PostSubject: Pochapocha   Pochapocha Empty2007-06-08, 19:52

did you know where i got my name from?

The name Piplup may be a pun on the onomatopoeia plop, the sound of something hitting water, and plump. Its name may also be a reference toward the character Pip from Charles Dickens's Great Expectations or the onomatopoeia peep peep, the sound young chicks make. Its Japanese name Pochama is a portmanteau of the Japanese words referring to splashing in water (ぽちゃぽちゃ, pochapocha?) and children from wealthy or upper classes (おぼっちゃま, obotchama?). This refers to its stuck-up attitude, and the fact that it is a Water-type Pokémon that splashes and plays in water. The name Piplup refers to the species as a whole, as well as individual specimens in the games, anime and manga.

if you can make any sense of all that then well done to you!!
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