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 Tmhld vr.s turtwig

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Tmhld vr.s turtwig Empty
PostSubject: Tmhld vr.s turtwig   Tmhld vr.s turtwig Empty2007-04-15, 21:27

One day Tmhld wondered which pokemon to go look for.The next minute he decided he would go to an area no one has been to in the village. When he got there he heard turt, turt very faintly, then out of no where he saw a turtwig being thrown out of a tree.

Tmhld quickly went into his poke'dex to get the data on turtwig.
The poke'dex said,

Ability overgrow
Grass type pokemon"

Tmhld said, "Hey who did that." Hmph, must of been injured. I'll catch and take it to nurse Joy right away.Go piplup."

Guy said, "Nope, I got it said a guy hidding in a tree. Go turtwig and use razor leaf on that turtwig."

"No way am I letting you get my pokemon i just found," said Tmhld.

"Incorrect," said the guy, "go sceptile and use leaf blade on turtwig. You can't stop two attacks at once."

"Who are you," scream Tmhld!

"That's a dumb question i'm Giovani the leader of team rocket," said the guy.

"Fine if you want my turtwig Giovani, then fight for it," scream Tmhld. "Choose your pokemon?"

"Okay, but you won't win," said Giovani. "Go Nidoking."

"Piplup you willing to fight this one," said Tmhld.

"Pip, pip," piplup replied.

Tmhld said, "piplup use pound. Nidoking use double kick. Piplup jump and hit him on the head. Hah, it worked. Your pokemon's confused."

Giovani said, "Nidoking, use thrash. It hit itself."

Tmhld said, "Piplup use pound again. Nidoking use thrash again. It hit itself. Nidoking fainted."

"Huh! Hoooowwwwwwww did you beat my Nidoking!" said Giovani.

"Piplup come on let's go capture that turtwig now," said Tmhld. "Piplup use pound. Direct hit."

Turtwig angrily used tackle. Piplup dodged.

Tmhld said, "Piplup use pound once more."

Turtwig jumped up and used tackle.

There attacks power were equal.

"Piplup you okay," said Tmhld.

"Pip," Piplup replied.

"Piplup use pound," scream Tmhld. "Direct hit."

"Go poke'ball. 1...2...3...ding." "Yes!" scream Tmhld, "Gotcha turtwig."

"Come on piplup," said Tmhld, "let's go find a chimchar now."


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Tmhld vr.s turtwig Empty
PostSubject: Re: Tmhld vr.s turtwig   Tmhld vr.s turtwig Empty2007-04-15, 21:45

2/3 on the spelling

2/3 also on how long it was

all together

7/10 you got Turtwig

Turtwig lv. 5
attacks tackle withdraw
exp to next level 10

Thats good tmhld.
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Tmhld vr.s turtwig
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