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 Let it snow,Let it snow,let it Snowrunt

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PostSubject: Let it snow,Let it snow,let it Snowrunt   2007-06-06, 00:10

I was walking to the pokemon on center with an hurt Snowrunt."it must of fell of that cliff,"I was thinking.I was at the pokemon center."Is it going to be ok,"I asked Nurse Joy."It will be ox inoopuddies,"Nurse Joy said.then the Snowrunt used icy wind."Ahhhhhhhh,"Nurse Joy and i sceemed.Then it took my badges."Heeeey Coooome Baaack heeeere wiiiiiith thoooose baddddges,"I said frozen soild."Snow runt runt runt,"Snowrunt said."Pikachu I Pich you,"I said when I was unfrozen."Pikach....,"Pikachu said when he was frozen."Pokechu shake it off with a thunder attack,"I said.Pikachu was unfrozen when he did that.Then the Snowrunt Froze me!Then Pikachu Quickly used thunder on Snowrunt."Snoooooooooow runt,"Snowrunt yelled.Then it jumped out the window."Come back here,"I said as I jumped out the window.Snowrunt was fulling down a hill.I Slid down the hill and grabed it."Its ok i've got you and i'm not letting go,"I said.Pikachu agreed.Then I hit a rock."Owwwwwwwwww,"I yelled."Pikaaaaaa,"Pikachu yelled.then I pased out and so did Pikachu.Then we woke up in an igloo in a blizzard."I bet you made this igloo Snowrunt,"I said.Then I heard some thing out side the igloo."Prepare fot trouble,"some one said."Yes and make it double,"Some one else said."Forget the the motto lets just grab the Pikachu,"Moewth said."Team Rocket,"I said."Yes prepare for...,"Jessie said as meowth said,"I said forget the motto." Then they Grabed pikachu and snowrunt used icy wind on the claw that was grabbing pikachu.Then Pikachu came falling down."Now pikachu thunder them,"I yelled."Looks Like team rocket is blasting off again,"Jessie James and Meowth yelled.Twinkle Twinkle.Then I battled the snowrunt."Pikachu Thunder,"I said.Then snowrunt fell down.I thew a pokeball.1...2...3...Ding.Then I took the pokeball to Nurse Joy."Heal my snowrunt please,"I said.Nurse Joy healed it.Then I said,"Yay I cought a SNOWRUNT.
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PostSubject: Re: Let it snow,Let it snow,let it Snowrunt   2007-06-08, 17:05

SPELLING: there was MANY mistakes 1/3

LENGTH: Very short 1/3

OVERALL RATING: Was not the best 2/3

Im sorry you got a 5/10 you didnt catch snowrunt this time!
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PostSubject: Re: Let it snow,Let it snow,let it Snowrunt   2007-10-06, 02:45

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PostSubject: Re: Let it snow,Let it snow,let it Snowrunt   

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Let it snow,Let it snow,let it Snowrunt
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